Pests live in just about every place on earth, but particularly where there are humans to create shelter, food and water sources for them. Truth is, as we go about our daily lives, we’re amazing enablers for just about every type of pest there is. That means you have to stay on top of your HVAC maintenance in Lilburn, GA, all year long; here’s how.

Inspect for Cracks and Gaps

Most pests have a talent for squeezing into the tiniest spaces imaginable. This means that as you maintain your HVAC system in Lilburn, GA, you have to inspect every inch of it for cracks and gaps, especially any machinery or equipment with access to the outside. Primarily, this includes inspecting your vents and looking for loose fittings, cracks, and other damage that will allow pests like squirrels, birds and insects to invade and take up residence. When you discover a damaged vent or potential access point for a critter, replace the damaged part. And then, do all you can to seal the space so that nothing can get inside.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning your system routinely is a great idea for maintaining your system’s efficiency. It’s also a great idea to help keep air flowing and your ductwork free of debris that’s perfect for pest nesting and hiding. You need to make sure that in addition to any HVAC system repair in Lilburn, GA, your system needs, you also schedule at least an annual cleaning of your ductwork.


Covering any vents with screening is effective for keeping larger, four-legged pests at bay, but also for keeping insects out. You need to make sure the mesh you use is durable and small enough to keep out insects, but not so small that it becomes easily clogged or impedes air flow.

Change the Filter

Filters are often left in too long in an HVAC system, which increases the allergens that are in the air, can impede airflow and cause moisture to build up in your ductwork. Moisture can allow mold to grow but it also creates a great environment for insects and some rodents. Replace your filters per the manufacturer’s recommendations, but also more if you live in a particularly humid area.

Pests, rodents, or insects can carry disease, destroy parts of your house, and in some cases, harm you physically. Making sure you keep up with HVAC maintenance in Lilburn, GA, as well as blocking all access points for pests is key to making sure your home remains pest-free.