With proper heating and ac installation in Duluth, GA, by a qualified and experienced contractor, you’re already one step ahead on making your home more efficient this summer. To get an even bigger head start on your energy efficiency, read up on the following tips for keeping your home efficient throughout the hottest months of the year.

Be Smart about Your Thermostat

First, be smart about your thermostat. For maximum efficiency, set it as high as you can without suffering too much during the summer. The closer your indoor temperature is to the outdoors, the lower your energy bills will be each month. A programmable thermostat also helps a great deal with this. You’ll use a lot less energy if you’re not constantly cranking the dial back and forth.

Get the Air Circulating

Installing ceiling fans and putting box fans in windows doesn’t have to cost too much and can make a big difference. Part of the reason homes get hot and seem to only get hotter throughout the day is because the air isn’t moving. Keep the windows open at night with a fan going and shut the windows and window coverings during the day to seal in as much of the cool night air as you can.

Get Your Equipment Tuned up

Having your equipment tuned up and maintained annually can help ensure you have the best equipment and it’s working optimally. Do this by hiring a licensed and insured HVAC professional to come and tune up your equipment and identify any potential issues. Hiring an HVAC company to come out and maintain and tune-up your equipment every year means that you’ll be more likely to avoid any potential HVAC disasters and subsequent costly repairs.

Even simple, inexpensive or no-cost changes to your everyday life can have a dramatic effect on the energy efficiency of your home. Having a technician come out and do your heating and AC installation in Duluth, GA, is a great first step towards a more efficient home.