Summer is the time to get out of the house and bask in the warm sunlight. It’s the time for you to get a well-needed vacation and downtime by the pool. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of record heat that has you escaping indoors and running the air conditioner 24/7; however, this can have a drastic effect on your ac unit, energy bill, and carbon footprint. Stay cool, save money, and keep your AC unit running smoothly with these tips.

Keep Your Hands off the Thermostat

Be smart when using your thermostat. Set your thermostat to the highest tolerable temperature. The closer your home’s temperature is to the outdoors, the more efficient your AC unit is, and you’ll save more on your energy bill.

Many homeowners are good about setting and keeping their thermostat at the recommended 78 degrees. Some even go the extra mile and raise the temperature when no one’s home. If you do feel the urge to cool down, don’t lower the temperature below 78 to try to get it there faster. Air conditioning units work at a fixed rate no matter where you set the thermostat.

Close Your Curtains and Blinds

Natural light may reduce lighting costs, but it also has a significant effect on your home’s temperature. During the summer months, a lot of cool air is lost due to direct sunlight; this is especially true for households with east- and west-facing windows. For this reason, keep your curtains and blinds closed at peak temperature times of the day. If you do this regularly, you’ll not only keep cool air inside, but you’ll also increase the efficiency of your unit.

Utilize Other Cooling Methods

You can ease the strain on your AC system by using other cooling methods. While you may rely on your air conditioner to cool your home, you can also use your ceiling fans to supplement your AC unit. A ceiling fan can’t produce cool, conditioned air, but it will circulate it to the areas you need it most. Many fans now have switches to control updraft and downdraft according to the season.

Schedule Routine Maintenance and Checkups

There are a few simple, essential DIY jobs you can do around the house to improve your unit’s efficiency, such as cleaning and replacing your filters. Doing this once every month can prevent more extensive and expensive AC repairs in the long-run. For larger jobs, you should schedule regular ac maintenance in Lilburn, GA, by a trained and licensed local professional to ensure your AC system runs smoothly all year.