The warmer months aren’t far away, and with them comes the need for air conditioning. AC inspections and maintenance should be started in the spring before the highest temperatures arrive. While many Georgia residents remember to get their ACs ready, many forget to check the thermostat as well. When a thermostat isn’t functioning properly, neither is the AC itself.

Signs of Thermostat Problems

If your AC won’t start, chances are, it’s a thermostat issue. It may not be reading the temperatures correctly, or there is a wiring defect that is preventing a connection. Additionally, if your AC is running constantly and won’t shut off, that is also a sign of a thermostat problem. Indoor temperatures should be comfortable, and if it feels extremely hot or extremely cold, you may need a new thermostat. If you adjust the temperature and nothing happens, your thermostat needs to be inspected and possibly updated with a newer model.

Checking Your AC’s Thermostat

Make sure the thermostat is set to “cool.”  Move the temperature down 5 degrees lower than normal to see if the AC comes on. If it doesn’t, it’s having issues. Change out the batteries and check to ensure the main breaker for your AC is on. If you feel comfortable with it, you can turn off the circuit breaker for the AC, remove the thermostat’s cover, and check for any wiring that is not attached to a mounting screw on the thermostat itself. Make sure the inside of the thermostat is clean and free of dirt or residue buildup. Be sure to replace the thermostat cover before turning the breaker back on. If you can’t identify the issue, call in a professional AC repair service.

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