Many people believe that fixing their old AC units are cheaper but replacing old units with newer ones save you money. Nearly half of the cost of your electricity bill is caused by heating and cooling. HVAC replacement in Braselton, GA, can give you an annual savings of almost $200.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

When your AC unit increases in age, you will need to have your unit repaired frequently by an HVAC repair company in Braselton, GA. Also, the parts will become more difficult to find. With a newer unit, all you need to do is keep up with the annual maintenance which involves checking the parts and replacing the filters.

Cleaner Air

There is technology with the newer units that aid in keeping the air in your house cleaner. You will have reduced allergy issues and fewer doctor’s visits. The newer AC units come equipped with filtration systems that are capable of filtering out pollen, dust, and other elements to ensure the air in your home is clean.

Lower Electric Bills

Older units use more energy to operate. The electricity costs increase because an older unit must work harder to cool down your home. Once you have an AC company in Braselton, GA, replace it with a newer unit, you can save money on your cooling costs.

Types of Central Air Conditioners

Split Systems:
This is the most common type of AC unit in the United States. The indoor part of the AC unit is joined to a group of ducts, and a blower moves the cold air through them to reach every part of the home. The condenser and compressor are located outside of the home.

Packaged Unit:
This is a combination of the compressor, evaporator, and condenser in a single unit. The unit is typically situated on the roof. The ducts that run through the roof pull air from inside the home and then return cooled air indoors. The packaged units are also used in small commercial buildings.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems:
These systems are used for homes that do not have ductwork. This system is a combination of a condenser and an outdoor compressor with one or more indoor air-handling units. The units are situated in a high place on the wall with blowers attached. Each indoor unit is installed in a separate room and only that room can be cooled. It’s similar to a window air conditioner.