If you’re like most homeowners, you already appreciate the importance of routine heating and cooling system maintenance. You replace dirty air filters, keep the outside AC unit clear of yard debris, and remember to clean the condensate lines. The goal is to keep your cooling system running efficiently and avoid breakdowns. These are just a few of the most common DIY maintenance tasks, but did you know regular maintenance serves another purpose? When you schedule annual or semi-annual service, it allows your AC technician to detect and address issues before they evolve into costly repairs. Take a minute and read what the experts say about maintenance and AC repair in Loganville, GA. You could save time, money, and your cooling system!

The Cure for Poor Cooling

While it’s not the only reason, low refrigerant is sometimes the cause when an air conditioner doesn’t cool your home correctly. If you’re not sure what refrigerant does, its job is to remove excess heat from the rooms in your home. Low refrigerant isn’t typical and isn’t like the oil in your vehicle. You shouldn’t need to replace it no matter how much you use the air conditioner. Holes or cracks in the AC coils that circulate the refrigerant are the primary cause of refrigerant leaks. Scheduling regular maintenance with a professional AC technician will help detect leaks early on with the bonus of avoiding a costly compressor replacement.

Proactive Help for Moving Parts

Your cooling system contains multiple mechanical parts. Every time one of those parts moves, it creates friction. Excessive friction causes premature wear and tear, which can reduce the useful life of your air conditioner. It can also contribute to increased energy consumption. Regular maintenance visits should include the lubrication of moving parts. Proper lubrication will help you avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your cooling system components. Another benefit of lubrication done during your routine maintenance appointment is that your technician can detect broken parts or those on the verge of breaking down.

Early Catches Lead to Quick Fixes

One of the most logical reasons for not missing your annual AC maintenance is saving time and money. When your technician catches issues early enough, they can usually offer a quicker and less expensive repair solution. Compare it to yourself. Visiting the doctor before you have a significant health crisis can mean early detection of health issues. You may have a chance to correct the problem before you get sick, avoiding a long recovery and a stack of medical bills. It’s the same with your cooling system.

AC Maintenance and Safety

The reasons for not missing AC inspection appointments go beyond saving money on repairs. Your AC contains electrical components, which can pose a fire hazard if you miss things like faulty wiring or connections. Refrigerant leaks could result in exposure to chemicals. Routine maintenance, which detects current and future repair issues, can also save you from the inconvenience of water damage. When was the last time you scheduled routine AC maintenance? Although you can call for emergency AC repair in Loganville, GA, why wait until you have an urgent situation? Whether you need repair or you’re interested in AC installation, contact Triad Mechanical today. We service all makes and models!