Over time, your air ducts can collect dust, pollen, and allergens. Not only does this reduce the quality of the air in your home, but it also increases your energy bill and reduces the HVAC system’s efficiency.

So how do you know if your air ducts need to be cleaned? Keep reading to find out!

Air Filters are Getting Dirty Faster Than Usual

Have you noticed that your air filters are getting dirty much faster than usual? If the air vents are dirty all of the dust buildup will end up right in the air filter. Each time you change your air filter, make a note of how much dirt has accumulated on them. When you find yourself needing to change them out more often, it is likely time to hire a professional for air duct cleaning.

Your Electric Bill Keeps Rising

Unexplained increases in your electric bill can be a good sign that your air ducts need cleaning. If the ductwork is dirty and prevents air from flowing freely, your HVAC system has to work harder to move it through the vents – increasing your energy consumption.

Dust Buildup on Vents

Dust or dirt buildup around registers and vents is an indicator that your air ducts need to be cleaned. Although ducts need cleaning about every five years on average, if you see allergens building on the vents, there may be contaminants flowing through your HVAC or a blockage. This dust can cause air quality problems in your home, so you must clean your air ducts before health issues arise.

A Renovation was Just Completed

Even if it has not been five years since the last time you cleaned your air ducts, and there haven’t been any issues with dust or dirt buildup on the filters or vents, you should have your ducts cleaned after any major renovation. These projects kick dust and debris into the air that can collect in your air ducts – rather than wait for an issue, be proactive and have your air ducts cleaned right away.

Inconsistent Air Flow

If the airflow is not consistent across the rooms in your house, it may be because the vents are not uniformly open. The best solution to this is to clean the air ducts – this will allow the air to flow smoothly and consistently to each room.

Let Triad Mechanical Handle It For You 

If all the signs indicate that it is time to get your air ducts cleaned, let Triad Mechanical handle it for you so you can breathe easy! While some AC-related projects can be done on your own, duct cleaning should be left to the professionals – and this should be done at least every five years.

Triad Mechanical is nationally certified for HVAC cleaning – we can help you improve the air quality in your home and increase your AC unit’s efficiency by removing dust and debris for your air ducts. Our experts will ensure that all dust and allergen are removed so that your energy bills are reduced, and you have a healthier breathing environment.