Air conditioning is one of society’s most convenient inventions, and from its modern introduction in 1902, it has evolved quite far. With this development comes a level of complexity that can seem overwhelming to users. Before running the risk of malfunction and requiring HVAC maintenance in Suwanee, GA, it is important you learn the ideal settings for your home.

Overall Home Temperature

For general everyday use, the government recommends that your home is set in a range from 70 to 78 degrees. This is designed for maximum efficiency. When you’re away from home, however, you should change the temperature by eight degrees- up if it is on cooling and down if it’s on heating.

While You’re Asleep

When you sleep, your body temperature dips a little. To promote good sleep, your home’s temperature should also be a little lower during the evenings. The ideal setting for this is around 66 degrees.

During the Winter

The ideal temperature for the winter is 68 degrees. This may seem low, but keep in mind that your system is working harder than average to keep your home warm from the colder weather outside. While you are away, you can lower your heating bill by lowering this setting.

During the Summer

The ideal temperature for the summer is 78 degrees. Like before, this may seem too out of the ordinary, but like winter, your system is working to keep your home at a steady temperature despite outside conditions. In this case, your system is working hard to cool your home below the outside temperature, so setting a higher setting can give your HVAC system a little help and save you a few dollars in the process.

While your HVAC system may be complicated, that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t conquer it. With the above temperature settings in mind, you should be on your way to becoming an avid pro of your own HVAC system, as well as discovering how to live most comfortably in your home.