There are many different ways to heat your home, but one of the most common debates involve whether you are interested in using a heat pump vs. a furnace. It might seem like an overwhelming decision, but there are some ways to figure out which decision makes the most sense for your home.

Some homeowners may be more interested in saving as much energy as possible, while other homeowners may care more about overall air quality. Let’s examine some of the pros and cons of choosing either a heat pump or furnace. Generally, a heat pump is much different than a furnace in that it transfers heat rather than generates it.

Dealing with Cold Weather


One of the most obvious instances where homeowners really think about their heating systems is during the winter. What is the best way to deal with extremely cold weather, and how are a heat pump and gas furnace different in this aspect? A gas furnace is useful because it can operate even if a heat pump ends up freezing.

Many homeowners opt for a dual fuel system so that all levels of cold weather can be handled. A heat pump makes more sense for homeowners that only have to deal with mild cold weather, and furnaces are better for homes where temperatures get extremely low.


Some homeowners may be more concerned about the cost of installation. When it comes to heat pumps vs. furnaces, what is generally the difference? The heat pump is usually much more affordable than a gas furnace, so it might be best for families that are not financially ready for a furnace.

Gas furnaces and electrical furnaces can both be installed for around $4000. There are heat pumps that cost about $3500, but it can cost up to $4500. A geothermal heat pump, however, can cost as much as $25,000. Either way, heating should always be professionally sized and installed.

There’s also a difference in cost regarding gas furnaces and electric furnaces. If homeowners are interested in saving money over time, then it might be best to install a gas furnace. This is due to the fact that gas is usually cheaper than electricity.

Noise Level

There are some homeowners that are very particular in lowering the noise level of their home. This might be more understandable for a large family, where there might be constant noise somewhere in the home. It may be inconvenient or distracting.

Heat pumps are generally noisier than furnaces, although there are exceptions. If you are someone who prioritizes peace and quiet, then furnaces may be the better choice. If your heat pump is particularly noisy, it might also mean that there is an issue that should be addressed.


What has the longer lifespan, the heat pump or the furnace? Here, the furnace can last as long as two decades. A heat pump usually lasts about 15 years. If you do not plan on living in your home for long, for whatever reason, this difference in longevity may not be that relevant. If longevity matters though, when it comes to heat pumps vs. gas furnaces, the furnace will generally last longer.


You might be a homeowner that wants to install something that doesn’t require that much maintenance. With a heat pump vs. a furnace, the furnace may be the best option. Heat pumps typically require more maintenance than furnaces.

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