The older a machine gets, the less efficient it becomes; the same applies to HVAC systems. Efficiency declines are revealed in many ways, the least of which is your system has to work harder to keep you warm or cool. Here are four signs your air conditioning (AC) system might be in need of an overhaul or upgrade.

Unexplained, Higher Energy Bills

Rising energy bills are often an initial sign your system is struggling. These increases often happen with no good explanation, no increase in electricity rates, and can even occur if you keep your system in the best shape possible. These rising costs can occur without any warning at all. They can appear if your system has a sudden decline in performance, forcing it to work harder and use more energy to do so. They can also happen slowly over time, so you need to keep an eye on your bills if your system is dated or aging. You may also not see a dramatic change in your month-to-month billing; a slow, steady increase over months is one of the ways the rising energy costs can sneak up on you.

The reason or the unexplained increase is that your system is not heating or cooling the way it’s supposed to and because of this, needs to switch on more frequently. If this happens to you, the first step is to have qualified technicians who do AC installation in Braselton, GA, perform a system-wide inspection and maintenance check-up. This is to make sure the problem is not related to a broken component in your system or is something that’s fixable. If it’s neither, however, a full unit upgrade may be in order.


HVAC systems make noises. That is what happens when you have a fairly large machine and metal ducts having air pumped through them, expanding in the heat and contracting in the cold. Older HVAC systems, however, get very loud and make really strange noises. The internal blower might be noisier, or an external racket might be quite a bit louder. The system might groan or bang more than usual too.

The source could be a broken or loose part or a system that needs an upgrade because it has reached its maximum age. Most noises that are not part of the natural system process can be fixed if they can be identified, but in some cases, the only fix is a full unit replacement or an upgrade. Over time, even with a fix or regular maintenance, old systems degrade, and the fixes become more and more common. When the system is loud no matter what you do, it’s time to call an AC repair company in Braselton, GA, and upgrade your unit.

More Repairs and Longer Running Time

Old systems need their regular maintenance and extra care as machine parts break down with age. It’s just like your vehicle; the older it gets, the more often you end up getting it serviced. An older system will also run longer because it takes more time for it to do its job. The age factor is the driver here; a typical unit will last about a decade, depending on how well it has been maintained by your AC repair service in Braselton, GA.

Your HVAC system is vital, especially given the southern climate. Eventually, AC maintenance in Braselton, GA, won’t be enough and your system will have to be replaced or upgraded. Use these signs as a guide to see how close you are to a full AC unit replacement.