HVAC problems can make your life miserable, but they are also easy to ignore. That is a huge mistake, specifically because one ignored HVAC issue can make you and your family endure unbearable heat or numbing cold. Before you hit crisis mode, make sure you do not ignore these common problems.

Leaky Pipes

The drainage issue might not be a leaky pipe, but you get the picture. It is difficult to pinpoint where a leak is occurring and often the leak will be quite a distance away from the problem. A clog at one end of a line, for example, can back it up for yards and leak only where there is a joint. Drainage problems or leaks can indicate a clogged line, compromised drain pipe or a broken pump. If you have pooling water, do not mess around, call your local HVAC company as soon as you can.

Burning Smell

Generally, as a rule in life, burning smells are not a good thing. A burning smell around your HVAC system can indicate an electrical problem, or that a motor or pump is wearing out. In severe cases, left untended, it can lead to damaging the entire system or even a house fire. If your unit is giving off a burning smell, shut it down, cut power to it and contact a HVAC professional.

Airflow Issues

An impeded or reduced airflow can mean a number of serious HVAC issues, including a blocked or damaged,  or punctured duct, broken thermostat, blocked cooling vent flap or even a system that is getting ready to quit. The easiest way to tell if this is an issue is hot and cold spots in your home, the system failing to heat or cool sufficiently and a system that continually runs when it is very hot or cold out.

One easy way of determining where the airflow issue begins is to walk your system throughout your house and document where the airflow is sufficient and where it reduces. Another way to analyze the problem is to listen to when your external system runs and shuts down. An HVAC professional can assess the problem and narrow it down safely and quickly.

Frozen Piping and Evaporator Coil

When this happens, your system will top producing cool air. You will likely notice an icy buildup around your evaporator coil that may extend out onto the external shell of the system. The risk here is two-fold. One, you do not know why it froze up and it might be your coil needs replacing. Two, if it is a frozen-thaw cycle, the coil can become weak and even punctured, which could leak refrigerant. In either case, you need to contact an HVAC professional.

Moldy, Musty Smell

Mold can get into a system in a variety of ways. When that happens your airflow can literally become a conduit for mold spores and distribute a musty smell throughout your home. If this happens, an HVAC inspection is something you should arrange without delay.

Your HVAC system is only as good as you take care of it. Search for an HVAC company near me in Loganville, GA, that can do emergency repairs. Monitor your system for the issues on this list and make sure you act promptly if any rear their ugly head. The experts at Triad Mechanical can take care of all your HVAC issues!