If you’ve needed the services of emergency HVAC in Braselton, GA, frequently and your AC is an older unit, you may be wondering if it’s worth the money you’re putting into repairs or if you should just replace it entirely. There are a few typical problems that AC units face as they age, so even if your AC seems to be working adequately right now, there are a few common problems you may want to know about.

Frequent Repairs

One of the most common complaints technicians for emergency AC repair in Braselton, GA, hear is that their AC unit is constantly breaking down or needing repairs. Unfortunately, even homeowners who are vigilant about changing filters and having professional maintenance and tune-ups face this problem as their AC gets older. This problem is so common because an AC unit is built to last about 12-15 years, so as it gets older the components begin to wear out and work less efficiently. If you find that you’re paying for repairs frequently and the repairs are becoming costlier, it may be time to bite the bullet and have a new unit installed.


Another problem you face with an older AC unit is inefficiency. As the components break down, the AC has to work harder to keep up with cooling demands. That means that you’ll be spending more money to cool your home at the same temperature. If you find that your energy bill is going up without a significant change in your temperature settings or the temperatures outside your home, it’s likely caused by an inefficient system struggling to keep up with demand. You may want to consider a newer AC unit that uses technology designed to provide maximum comfort while using less electricity.


Finally, older AC units not only use more energy to cool the home, they’ll often become ineffective at cooling as well. You may notice that the AC runs much longer without being effective at cooling. This ineffectiveness can be due to damaged coils or fan or an old compressor. This is one of the most frustrating problems for homeowners because no matter how long their AC runs (while using valuable electricity), the home never seems to be as comfortable as desired. This means it’s probably time for a new unit.