Colder weather means it’s time for us to lean on our heaters again to keep our homes cozy. What’s interesting about the winter months is that common misconceptions about furnace systems start making their way around communities. This can lead to heating practices that hurt more than help. Here’s what we’d like to help clear up.

Turning Up the Temperature Heats Your Home Faster

This is completely understandable especially if your toes are freezing and you really want the house to feel toasty and warm again. However, turning up the heat doesn’t help you at all with heating a home quicker. The best bet is to bundle up while you wait. The hot air in our home’s heating system gets delivered at the same rate whether you’re just looking to increase the temperature by 1 degree or 10 degrees.

The Bigger the Furnace, the Better

You’d think a bigger system can get the job done better. This is not the case because a larger system can be detrimental to your comfort and your bills. You want a system whose size fits the size of your house and nothing bigger. This is because larger systems will run inefficiently and lead to higher bills as well as uncomfortably warm inside temperatures.

Close Off Vents in Rooms You Don’t Use

It may seem like the smart thing to do- why allow heat into a room that’s not being used when that effort could be put towards a room that actually needs to be warmed? A furnace distributes the heat throughout your home equally. If you close off the vents to a room to leave it cold, your heater will only work even harder to try and compensate and warm it up.

Only Repairs are Necessary for Furnaces

Have a broken part? Just call the professionals in to fix it. This method works on newer heaters that have some maintenance issues here and there. But if your furnace is breaking down often and older than you can even remember, it’s better just to replace the system. A new furnace will pay itself off in the long one.

Efficient Furnaces are the Fix for Everything

We hear it all the time. Energy efficient heaters are the way to go. That is true but only to some extent. An efficient system can only take you so far when optimizing your home for heating. You also need to make sure your ductwork, insulation, leaks, and everything else is in order to help your heater keep the warm air inside.

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