For any homeowner looking to upgrade the comfort, affordability, and control of their home, a smart thermostat should be at the top of the list. If your HVAC system is compatible with smart thermostats, there’s no reason not to upgrade. Not only do the benefits of a smart thermostat save you money and make your home more comfortable, they’re able to completely change the way you interact with your home’s climate.


Saving on Energy

This benefit is quite possibly the most important for homeowners, and for good reason. If the immediate cost of a smart thermostat is what’s making you wait, consider the long-term benefits. Smart thermostats are known to help HVACs run more efficiently, which lowers your home’s energy usage and therefore your bills. Smart thermostats pay themselves off very quickly and can net you savings on bills well into the future while also making your home much more environmentally friendly!

Remote Control

Smart thermostats allow homeowners to access them anywhere from their smartphones. This is the biggest quality-of-life change smart thermostats bring and will change the way you think about heating and cooling. Gone are the days of leaving for a long vacation only to realize that you left your A/C or heating on to run the whole time you’re gone. Smart thermostats allow you to control your home’s climate from wherever you are, whether that’s your living room couch or a different state.


Programming Options

Speaking of control, smart thermostats also increase the number of ways you can interact with your heating and cooling systems. Instead of manually changing temperature with only a few programming options, smart thermostats allow you to program home climate based on time of day, vacations, time of the year, environmental data, efficiency recommendations, and more. Some can even set temperature by detecting people in the house! Don’t worry about use either. Smart thermostats are made with everyone in mind and are very user-friendly systems.


Energy Tracking

Tracking the energy use of your home is an important part of saving on bills and being environmentally responsible. However, in many cases homeowners are only able to track their energy use once their energy bill shows up and their energy provider gives them a monthly report. Smart thermostats democratize energy information for homeowners, allowing them to check their energy usage each day, adjust how little or how much energy they are using, and use that info to plan how they want to use their HVAC. It’s a great way to inform your budget for both your energy and your bills. When it comes to your home, the more information you have, the better!


Better Temperature Control

Temperature control is the entire point of an HVAC and thermostat system, so why put up with inaccuracies and fluctuating temperatures? Smart thermostats measure the temperature of the home much more accurately and are more nuanced in how they control your HVAC. This plays into lower energy bills of course, but it also just helps to create a home environment that’s more comfortable and consistent. No more headaches from constantly fluctuating temperatures!

There are many reasons to upgrade your HVAC system to include a smart thermostat. If you have any questions about smart thermostats, including whether or not your system is set up to accommodate one, reach out to us at Triad Mechanical or call at 770-682-0075.