Install a Smart Thermostat

The advent of air conditioners has changed the way we live daily. Gone are the days of working in a sweltering office or sitting in front of a fan at home. Modern AC units can keep our homes and offices cool as can be. No one appreciates a well-running AC system more than hot sleepers. It can be challenging to doze off at night when your body is overheating. Luckily, an air conditioner can keep your bedroom nice and chilly all night long.

Whether you’re hoping to install an air conditioner in your bedroom or already have one in place, there are some tips you should know to ensure you’re getting a good night’s sleep. While you may think using your AC unit is pretty straightforward when misused it can keep you from sleeping soundly. A good night’s rest gives you the energy to take on the day, so ensure your air conditioner is promoting healthy sleep, and not hindering it. Here are three tips for sleeping right with the help of an AC unit.

Direct Airflow Away from You

If you’re a hot sleeper, you might be directing the cold air from your air conditioner right at you. While this will sufficiently cool you off as you fall asleep, you may wake up feeling slightly under the weather. If it’s 80°F outside, and you set the temperature in your room to 60°F, you may wake up with a nagging headache, stiff neck, or joint pain. Make sure the air flowing out of your AC unit is directed away from you, as it will keep your body from being shocked by the cold air.

Utilize a Timer

Many people enjoy the white noise provided by their air conditioner, not to mention the cooling effect it has on the room. However, if you’re someone who uses their AC to fall asleep quickly, you should consider setting a timer for your air conditioner. You likely don’t need to run your AC unit all night long, as your sleeping self won’t mind if the room isn’t perfectly chilled. By keeping your air conditioner off during the night, you’ll also save big on future energy bills. Do your wallet a favor and set a timer for your air conditioner. You’ll still be able to sleep soundly, while also saving a fortune.

Regularly Inspect Air Filters

Not only does your air conditioner cool off your bedroom, but it also ensures the air brought in is safe to breathe. Air quality is an essential factor when it comes to healthy sleeping. Your air filters are responsible for removing dust particles from the air, so making sure they’re clean is a must. Take time to regularly inspect your air filters and ensure dust and debris hasn’t built up. If it has, call on an AC company in John’s Creek, GA, who can help you properly clean your air filters.

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