When the hot season strikes, the only way you can fight the onslaught of heat is with adequate air conditioning.

Unfortunately, some people expect their AC to be in good condition, but they can’t even recall the last time it was serviced.

Triad Mechanical suggests following a standard AC tune-up checklist to keep your air conditioning unit up to par. It is also a good idea to set up an AC inspection/maintenance schedule with AC technicians. This could save you a world of stress down the road.


Overview of AC Tune-Up – The Professional Way

With a professional like Triad Mechanical looking at your AC unit, you can rest assured of great service. The same goes for general HVAC services.

Triad Mechanical will typically begin with a careful inspection checklist. A repair may be suggested if they discover a fault. Or, your AC unit may require a component to be replaced function to normally.

Here is a typical AC tune-up checklist –

  • Inspection of the condenser

A professional will start from the condenser. Dirt and debris will prevent the transfer of heat, in turn, the AC will not perform at its maximum capacity.

A technician will remove the cover so the coil and fan can be checked for dirt. It often ends with a deep cleaning.

  • Refrigerant level check

A technician will check your AC’s refrigerant level. Low levels typically indicate the presence of a leak. They will search for the source of the leak and repair it as soon as possible.

Afterward, they’ll top off refrigerant levels and your AC will be back to normal function.

  • Inspection of the electrical components

A faulty electrical component is a major problem and your air conditioner must be checked for this. The capacitor needs to be kept active. Overheating and unsteady power supply could be responsible for damage to these components.

  • Air Filter Inspection

This is the most common on the checklist. Some choose to do it themselves. The most common mistake is the air filter is neglected or isn’t replaced on a regular maintenance schedule. Make sure you check the filter for dirt and debris that could clog it. Clean it thoroughly if this is discovered or replace it depending on what type your AC unit requires. 

Keep in mind a professional will go beyond cleaning. They’ll check it for proper functioning and recommend a replacement if needed.

  • Lubrication

When the oil dries or seeps out with time, lubricate keeps parts moving thoroughly. Without it, the parts would be less active as they wear and tear. During a tune up, professionals will know which and where to oil.


Warning signs a professional may look out for include –

  • Increased Humidity

With your air conditioner, the humidity level is expected to be controlled to a certain range. If that is not the case, then there’s a need for a call to the experts at Triad Mechanical.

Re-calibrating the AC or correcting the air with a dehumidifier will be decided by your technician.

  • Hot Air

This is caused by an issue with either the thermostat or the compressor. Triad Mechanical will check the thermostat and be sure that cooling mode is activated to a level well below the temperature of your home. If it persists, the compressor will be next thing to look at.

  • Short Cycling

This is an issue that results in your AC not completing a full cooling cycle. A host of issues could cause this, such as a clogged filter, frozen coils, and electrical faults.

AC repair contractors such as Triad Mechanical will start by examining the entire system to find the fault. To fix this, a thorough tune-up should suffice.

  • Unusual Noise

The kind of noise coming from your AC unite can determine its state. A low-level, steady noise may not be too alarming, but be aware of strange and loud noise.

A buzzing or rattling noise can suggest an unfastened part. A whistling or grinding sound can potentially be a more serious problem.

  • Minimized Air flow

Minimized air flow could be caused by any of these – breached airflow, issues with the ductwork, a faulty motor, or a clogged filter. This makes your AC run less efficiently. The exact cause must be determined and fixed.

Ultimately, DIY trial and error may only lead to a short-term fix of your AC unit. A better option would be to employ the services of an expert AC technician.

At Triad Mechanical, we’ve got a team of dedicated experts ready to provide you with AC or HVAC services such as repair, maintenance, and installation.

Reach out to us at Triad Mechanical.com or call (770) 682-0075 for more information on our AC and HVAC services.