Every homeowner knows that your HVAC system isn’t something to take for granted. At an office or business, it’s even more important. Employee productivity and morale can be negatively affected by poor working conditions, and your electric bill can grow significantly higher than at a residence. Your condenser and evaporator coils are where much of the work of your HVAC system gets done, and their level of care has a direct impact on efficiency and cost, as well as on the longevity of your system and its components. Annual coil cleaning is always recommended, but the results for your utility bill and comfort levels will undoubtedly vary.

Coil cleaning is an essential part of AC maintenance in Athens, GA. If you want maximum efficiency, optimal performance, and an HVAC system that will continue to work well and reliably for many years to come, regular upkeep is the easiest and most reliable way to ensure those results. It’s also an excellent way to avoid more expensive repairs.


Your condenser coil is exposed to unfiltered outdoor air. The consequences of that are very much what you would expect. Dirt and debris from trees, bushes, roadways, and even animals tend to collect, which results in reduced airflow and hampered efficiency. Due to this constant and relatively consistent accumulation of contaminants, annual cleaning of your condenser coil is recommended under virtually all circumstances. It’s practically inevitable that it will be necessary. An uncleaned condenser coil can and will eventually impair overall unit efficiency. It’s simply a matter of time.


Your evaporator coil is exposed to filtered indoor air. That sounds like good news, and it is. Your evaporator coil will collect dirt and debris at a significantly reduced rate compared to your condenser coil, but that doesn’t mean that it should be ignored. A dirty evaporator coil provides substantially reduced temperature control and overall efficiency. As a consequence, you’ll notice more difficulty in getting and staying cool, as well as higher energy bills. Over time, a contaminated AC will run into more serious problems, and you’ll likely be facing the need for repairs.

It’s easy to find a reliable, professional AC company in Athens, GA. A skilled, experienced technician should be able to tackle your coil cleaning quickly and easily. You’ll be more comfortable and rest easier with a well-maintained system.