A noisy air conditioner might seem like an annoyance, but if it’s making one of these six unusual noises, then this is nothing to ignore. Air conditioners of all types and sizes can make unusual sounds that actually point to some peculiar problems. From simple issues that need a quick fix to serious and potentially dangerous complications, here are the noises that you shouldn’t ignore from your air conditioner, as well as some possible problems these sounds may represent.


Heating and air systems may make a gentle whir or hum noise, but buzzing sounds are a problem. What’s the difference? A buzzing sound like an alarm or a hive of bees is definitely unusual. The condenser fan motor may be malfunctioning. Or, the compressor may be having issues. At best, this could be a sign that the isolation feet or some other small parts are loose.

If you don’t address the problem, especially if the wiring is to blame, then the air conditioner can short out. Even worse, a fire can break out. Call for HVAC repair in Loganville, GA, as soon as possible.

Rattling, Clanging, or Banging

If your air conditioner sounds like someone is shaking or wobbling it when it runs, then something is definitely wrong. Look for debris or pollutants in the air conditioner. There may also be loose parts inside the unit. Sometimes, this is a sign that pests have gotten into the machine.

Clanking sounds, in particular, can point to compressor issues or a blower that’s out of place. Worse, the fan blades may be imbalanced and are actually interfering with other parts. If you hear these noises, turn off your air conditioner and call a local air conditioning service.


Hissing is always a bad sign, no matter the appliance. Air or gasses may be leaking from the unit or its related ductwork. Refrigerants may be leaking out of the system. This is probably the case if you hear hissing and bubbling at the same time.

You’ll need to contact a professional right away for service. Without refrigerant, your AC won’t be able to produce cool air. Also, it can be harmful to touch or breathe.


Screeching sounds that are loud and very high-pitched are a sign that your AC’s compressor is failing. This sound is the release of internal pressure.

Left untreated, a bad compressor can fail and take down the entire unit. It can even eject harmful refrigerant and damage its surroundings. Power the system off, then contact a professional technician.


A bit lower and more tolerable than a screeching noise, and less constant, a squealing sound is nonetheless a sign of a complication with your air conditioning appliance. A problem with the fan belt in an old-fashioned unit may be to blame. As with the other issues above, a professional AC technician can offer assistance. The belt inside the appliance may need to be replaced.


Bubbly and gurgle noises usually refer to plumbing issues. For instance, the drain pipe may be clogged or even frozen. The condensate pump may itself be malfunctioning in some way. This can lead to freezing over or flooding. After all, the gurgling you hear is the appliance trying to expel excess moisture that has built up inside or around the unit.

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