Your air conditioner is a necessary appliance, not a luxury. It doesn’t just help you feel comfortable indoors, it protects you from dangerously high heat and humidity in the middle of summer. For infants, children, and the elderly, staying cool is a matter of safety, not just comfort.

But sometimes something can go wrong with your air conditioner, especially if it’s old. Even the best air conditioners can fail after several months of near-constant use. If you don’t hire your local AC company to maintain your air conditioner at least once a year, something is more likely to go wrong.

When the following situations happen, you don’t just need repairs. You need to call an AC repair company to do some emergency repairs. These are the top 5 warning signs that you need to call for emergency repairs so a technician can inspect and fix the unit immediately.


Unusual Sounds

The soft whir of an air conditioner is to be expected, especially when it’s actively producing cool air. However, ask any AC installation expert and they’ll let you know that certain noises just aren’t normal. For instance, grinding and clanging noises are signs that parts may be dislodged or broken inside the AC unit. Very loud and obnoxious operation is a sign that the unit is overworking or that something is interfering with normal cool air production. Breakdown may be imminent, so call for AC maintenance and repairs immediately.


Moisture Leakage

Air conditioners shouldn’t leak water, produce ice, or be lined with condensation. These are all signs that something is wrong with the drainage, condenser coils, and more. If you leave it be, the moisture can attract mold, rust, or other problems. Moisture buildup can even interfere with the activities of the air conditioner, so call for emergency repairs when you see moisture of any kind around or under an air conditioner.


Electrical Problems

An AC unit in poor condition is prone to certain very serious electrical issues. These include powering off suddenly, not operating when you order the thermostat to signal for cool air, and more. Nearly all electrical problems come from issues with the power system within the air conditioner itself. These problems are especially common if you don’t hire regular AC maintenance.


Warm or Hot Air

You don’t need your air conditioner to produce warm or hot air. You could rely on a ceiling fan to simply produce air movement. If there’s warm or hot air coming from your vents, your air conditioner needs emergency repairs. Gone untreated, your home could become dangerously hot. While you can try resetting the unit when this occurs, this may not be effective at treating the problem.


Repetitive On/Off Cycles

Your air conditioner will turn on and then off again from time to time. However, if your AC unit seems to turn on and off frequently, something is very wrong. You don’t even have to be outdoors to identify this problem. If you hear or feel air coming from the vents, then stopping, then repeating, call for emergency repairs. Something may be wrong with the thermostat, the electrical system of the AC unit, or worse.

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