Having an efficient heating and cooling system can make a huge difference in the amount you pay for your energy bills, but not everyone knows the secrets to keeping their HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently. Here are five tips that you can use to improve your heating and cooling efficiency and see lower energy costs.

Change the Air Filter

Every HVAC system has an air filter that keeps debris from getting into the system. When the filter gets dirty, the system has to work harder to pull air into it. This inefficiency not only works against you in your energy bill, but it also can cause other parts of the HVAC system to break down more quickly. Changing your air filter every three months is a good way to ensure your system is efficient, though you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when deciding when to change the filter.

Correct Thermostat Settings

In the winter, keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees will help keep your energy bill lower. If this is too cool for you, try wearing warmer clothes in the building. In the summer, 78 degrees is a good temperature to shoot for. To make it easier, implement casual days if you’re at work. Even if these don’t work for you, if you have a programmable thermostat, you can set it to heat and cool during the time you’re in the building and automatically change the temperature when you’re not around.

Vent Correctly

Because the air from the HVAC system flows through the vents, it’s important to make sure they are clear of debris. If something is blocking a vent or a vent is unintentionally closed, you could be ruining your efficiency. In the summer, close the vents if you have a basement and let the natural flow of air help you stay cooler.

Use a Ceiling Fan

When your fan rotates counterclockwise, it blows air toward you, providing a cooler breeze for the summer months. In winter, you can change the rotation to clockwise and allow it to pull the warm air up and distribute it through the room without the cooling breeze. Just be sure to keep it on a low speed, so you don’t get a cooling effect from the air movement it generates. You can usually find the switch to change fan directions on the fan’s motor casing.

Get Your HVAC System Serviced

Bringing in a professional to look at your HVAC system once a year is a great idea. A good HVAC company in Athens, GA, can ensure that your system is running efficiently. They can also tune-up any parts that may be damaged or worn. Perhaps, even better, a professional can give you an estimate for how long your system will continue to operate under normal conditions and what a new system could save you on energy costs. Technology advances quickly enough that an HVAC system that’s over ten years old can be replaced by a newer system and the resulting savings will pay for it over time. For the best HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, contact Triad Mechanical and schedule an appointment to discuss getting your heating and cooling system running more efficiently.