The refrigerant in your air conditioning system is a vital component of the cooling process. You could think of it as the blood of your AC system, which means when it runs low or completely runs out, your AC system will no longer be able to function properly. Low refrigerant doesn’t happen because the refrigerant gets used up or is eventually depleted. The only reason your AC should get low on refrigerant is that there’s a leak somewhere, which requires AC repair in Bethlehem, GA. It’s important to know the indicators of a refrigerant leak because your system can sustain additional wear and tear, not to mention the fact that you’ll be extremely uncomfortable when the refrigerant is lacking. Here are 5 signs that generally mean you have a refrigerant leak that an AC repair company needs to locate and repair.

1. Warm, Humid House

 Perhaps the most obvious sign that you have a refrigerant leak is when you’re simply not comfortable in your house. Your home will often be warmer and more humid than normal. This is a reasonable consequence of a refrigerant leak because the refrigerant is responsible for absorbing the heat in the home and then releasing it outside. The AC will continue to appear to be working like usual, but you’ll find that the air coming from the vents is warm. The AC also cools your home by absorbing the excess moisture in your home, but when the refrigerant is unable to absorb heat and moisture, your home will begin to feel humid. Your overall comfort is drastically reduced when the refrigerant gets low because of a leak.

2. Reduce Airflow

 In addition to warm air blowing from the vents, in many cases, you’ll find that the amount of air coming from the vents is less than normal when there’s a refrigerant leak. The AC will be unable to produce enough cold air so the airflow will be weak or nonexistent. Your AC may run longer than usual, attempting to cool and produce enough air to meet the settings on the thermostat, so you may notice it constantly running in an attempt to cool the house off.

3. Frozen Coils

 In many cases, a visual inspection of the evaporator coils in the unit will reveal a problem. When there’s not enough refrigerant going through the evaporator coils, the coils are unable to absorb the heat. That causes additional condensation on the coils, which eventually causes them to freeze. The evaporator coil is located on the indoor unit of your system. You may also see frost on the refrigerant lines that lead to the outdoor unit when the leak is serious.

4. Hissing Sound

 A hissing sound may be a subtle sign that you only notice when you’re outside near the AC unit. A hissing sound coming from the outdoor unit will be audible when the AC is running. A bubbling sound is also possible if the refrigerant is leaking out while in liquid form.

5. High Energy Bills

 Finally, another sign that you need AC repair service in Bethlehem, GA, is when your energy usage increases dramatically. Your AC will have to work harder and longer to keep your house cool when there’s a refrigerant leak, so you’ll notice that your energy bill creeps up slowly or suddenly spikes. If this happens, be sure to call Triad Mechanical to schedule a service call and see what the problem is.