Business owners and homeowners are not always proactive when it comes to making sure their HVAC units are as energy-efficient as possible. As long as the building or house keeps employees and family members comfortable, the HVAC goes unnoticed. You can take simple steps to get the most efficiency out of your HVAC.

Control the Thermostat

Thermostats can lose calibration over time because of such things as the thermostat being bumped or the presence of dirt. An improperly calibrated thermostat reads the wrong temperature. A thermostat set to heat a room to 70 degrees may actually warm the room to 73 degrees or only 67 degrees. Call an HVAC service in Alpharetta to calibrate your thermostat.

You can save on energy costs by programming your thermostats. Set the thermostat so it turns off or goes higher or lower after working hours. Adjust your thermostat to go up or down while you are away from home, either automatically or with your smartphone. Adjust the temperature in parts of a large building that are rarely used.

Reduce Capacity

Take action to reduce the amount of heating or cooling your building or house needs:

    • Make sure the roof, walls, and pipes of your building or home are insulated.
    • Install energy-efficient windows or windows with a film that blocks the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
    • Install sensors that turn lights off in offices and rooms when they are not in use, and change to more efficient lighting, like LEDs.
    • Invest in energy-efficient office equipment.

Install Economizers

You can save on energy costs by installing an economizer. Economizers, or air handling equipment, bring in air from outside to cool your building. Economizers may not work properly at times. Faulty controls can cause the dampers to get stuck in one place. Make sure to check your economizer and repair it when needed.

Get Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important to get maximum efficiency from your HVAC. Get your unit checked before the summer heat or the winter cold hits. Dirty coils can affect air quality and make your employees sick. Call an HVAC repair company to clean the coils with the proper equipment and solution. While the technician is there, he or she can perform an energy audit and let you know about any upgrades that will make your HVAC unit more efficient.