When it comes to some of the essential systems running in your home, there are a lot of people who fashion themselves to be HVAC experts. This may be why there are so many myths surrounding HVAC in Stone Mountain, GA. Here are some of the myths about HVAC systems and the real truth about them. The real truth about them.

Service Agreements Are Too Expensive

Many people think that HVAC service and maintenance agreements are unnecessary. They take the approach to their heating and air conditioning that if it doesn’t need immediate repair, it can wait. However, these maintenance agreements are very important to make sure that your equipment doesn’t need costly repairs later on.

The Bigger the System the Better

With your HVAC equipment, know that size matters. Many people erroneously believe that bigger systems are always best. However, you should always work with a licensed and certified contractor to assess the type and size of equipment you need.

Turning up the Thermostat All the Way Cools the House Faster

Have you ever walked into your house and immediately been hit by sweltering heat? You may have turned the thermostat as low as it could go thinking this would cool your house faster. However, the best way is to cool your system a couple degrees at a time. The same applies to heating your home as well. Turning up the heat or air conditioning will likely just cause undue strain on your system.

You Can Change the Filters Yourself

There are many people who frankly rarely change their filters because they think they can do it themselves but just never get around to it. It’s also easy to get the wrong filters for your equipment, which will render your filters completely ineffective. It’s always best to hire a contractor to do this work for you to ensure the correct fit.

As far as your HVAC is concerned, little fixes and regular maintenance can go a long way. The one big truth about your HVAC system that you must know is that as long as you are taking care of it, it will continue to take care of you. When you need HVAC replacement in Stone Mountain, GA, a qualified technician can help guide you with energy saving tips and a more efficient system.