Avoid These AC Problems To Keep Your Summer Cool

Avoid These AC Problems To Keep Your Summer Cool

Even if you have bought an expensive brand-new air-conditioner, you can’t rest comfortably thinking it will never breakdown within the next couple of years. Since summers are swelteringly hot in Roswell and Atlanta surrounding areas, AC’s run huffing and puffing throughout the day. Running rigorously in the extreme heat constantly for the whole summer can be grueling for the cooling systems and they can suffer severe breakdowns. It is a fact that we don’t take enough care of our AC’s unless they fizz out. In most cases, a repair or a replacement of the unit becomes necessary. Repairing an AC doesn’t come cheap and so if you want to avoid the repair demons, make sure that you get your AC checked from time to time by experts in Roswell to avoid the problems we have mentioned below.


Refrigeration leaks

Refrigerant is like oxygen for an air-conditioner. If your unit is low on refrigerant, it means that it has most possibly developed a leak. Pumping more refrigerant into the refrigerant chamber will not do any good. You should call an expert to seal the leak and put the correct amount of refrigerant into the system. Your AC will experience a spike in efficiency if the refrigerant charge matches the manufacturer’s specification.

Coils Become Frozen

The evaporator coils in your AC cool down if the ducts are clogged and the filters are dirty. A thick layer of ice or frost gets deposited on the coils. As a result, the coils fail to conduct any heat from the air going out of the vents and thus warm air blows out from the grill.

Faulty thermostat

A thermostat is placed in the air-conditioner to control the temperature of the air coming out from it. If the thermostat fails to maintain the desired temperature and keeps shutting on and off, the issue can be with a faulty part in the thermostat or a wiring defect. If your AC experiences short cycling (turning on and off frequently), it can cause serious problems to the motor and fans as well as within the evaporator coils. You may need a replacement if repairs don’t work out.


Motor capacitors become faulty

Running your air-conditioner at a stretch in full blast leads to overheating which ultimately blows out the capacitors. As a result, the motor that operates the fans and the compressor stops working and thus the system dies out.

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